Man encountering Jesus in worship

Why listen?

Worship 24/7 is different.

While we realize radio is a type of entertainment, we believe a radio station focused on Worship can foster an encounter with God that is so transformative that a listener isn’t satisfied with simply singing along to good music.

Worship 24/7 is designed to facilitate an experience with God that is so personal that He permanently changes one’s priorities and sparks the life-long process of being conformed to the image of Jesus.

Rather than just entertain, we create space for God to work in the lives of those who listen.

“Worship can help us connect with God's commission to go and love the world around us.” -Melissa

“I just want to be taken away. Away from the noise, away from the duties, away from the distractions that keep me from being totally focused on what I was made for. I want to soak, marinate, lean into God with nothing else pulling me away." -Brook

“I want it to feel like Sunday Morning.” -Adam

“I would like to feel the presence of God. I would like to draw closer in worship. I want to feel changed into the likeness of the one who gave himself for us." -Patricia

The Mission

The mission of Worship 24/7 is to ignite a passion for God through worship that results in a life of generosity, discipleship, evangelism and service.

When you listen to Worship 24/7 you are part of a community of people who worship God passionately … and then does something with that experience. Everything we do is designed around that mission.

As we worship, as we deepen our relationship with God and learn His word, as we tell others about Jesus, and as we give ourselves away in service the impact can be significant.

Worship 247

Just imagine what one million worshipers could do toward the expansion of God’s Kingdom!