About Us

Worship 24/7 Is designed to facilitate an experience with God.


Why Listen?

Worship 24/7 is different.

While we realize radio is a type of entertainment, we believe a radio station focused on Worship can foster an encounter with God that is so transformative that a listener isn’t satisfied with simply singing along to good music.

Worship 24/7 is designed to facilitate an experience with God that is so personal that He permanently changes one’s priorities and sparks the life-long process of being conformed to the image of Jesus.

Rather than just entertain, we create space for God to work in the lives of those who listen.


The Mission

The mission of Worship 24/7 is to ignite a passion for God through worship that results in a life of generosity, discipleship, evangelism and service.

When you listen to Worship 24/7 you are part of a community of people who worship God passionately … and then does something with that experience. Everything we do is designed around that mission.

Man encountering Jesus in worship

The Goal

Our goal is to buy and build a radio station network and online community broadcasting worship music 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Just imagine what one million worshipers could do toward the expansion of God’s Kingdom!

As we worship, as we deepen our relationship with God and learn His word, as we tell others about Jesus, and as we give ourselves away in service the impact can be significant.

Just imagine what one million worshipers could do toward the expansion of God’s Kingdom!


Worship 24/7 is a ministry operated by the Board of 247 Media Ministries. We are a 501c-3 organization.

Worship 24/7 | Every Song, Every Word, Is Worship 247

Chairman of the Board

Larry Briggs

Since founding Briggs Consulting, the original V2A Leadership company in 1989, Larry Briggs has coached and trained thousands of high-performing CEOs, executive teams and entrepreneurs of small to medium sized businesses throughout the U.S.  Described as a highly innovative leadership expert well ahead of his time, Briggs has spent the last 30 years researching the fundamental forces influencing human behavior and business success. His approach to leadership is simple and uniquely insightful.  He teaches a framework of leadership thinking to overcome the most common barriers to a better future.

Worship 24/7 | Every Song, Every Word, Is Worship 247


David Harms

For the last 22 years David has owned and served as President of i58:10 Media, a fundraising agency that has utilized radio, video and web services to tell stories and activate people toward a generous lifestyle. Before that David served in various roles in radio – as an on-air host, copywriter, Program Director, Sales Manager and General Manager at various radio stations from Youngstown, Ohio, to Detroit, Michigan to eventually Portland, Oregon where he resides with his wife and 5 daughters.

Worship 24/7 | Every Song, Every Word, Is Worship 247

board member

Stacy Carter

Stacy is often referred to as “the glue” that holds the operations together at Grace Chapel. She is loyal and has been a staff member with her team for 12 years. Currently, she serves as the Director of Finance, Director of Human Resources, and the Executive Assistant to the Lead Pastor & Campus Pastors. She is excited to bring her skills and passion for finance work to Worship 24/7, serving on the Board as Treasurer.

Stacy enjoys spending her free time with her two children; Courtney and Dylan, as well as their two family dogs; Coco and Joey. When she can, she loves to relax by reading a good book or two, enjoying the sunshine, and listening to worship music.


Worship 24/7 | Every Song, Every Word, Is Worship 247

board member

James Autry

Cullis “James” Autry is the Executive Director of Serving Our Neighbors (SON), a Strategic Planning Committee of Portland’s leading Faith and Business Leaders. In 2008, SON helped to launch the Christian Chamber of Commerce of the Northwest where James served as the Executive Director until 2016. Prior to these assignments, James served as the Station Manager for Crawford Broadcasting’s Portland Radio Stations, KKSL 1290 AM & KKPZ 1330 AM. James, his wife Susan, and their three sons live in Portland, Oregon.

Worship 24/7 | Every Song, Every Word, Is Worship 247

board member

Jake Schwein

Jake Schwein is one of the Campus Pastors at Grace Chapel where he oversees worship and justice. In addition to leading worship at Grace Chapel, Jake leads the ideation, planning and execution of all creative design. He also is responsible for the Sunday morning worship experience and helps create, plan and execute all elements.

Jake oversees the domestic and international compassion/justice work at Grace Chapel. He was instrumental in opening Grace Chapel’s community outreach center called The Heart of the City where he continues to be the Director of Justice and Partnerships. He has a passion for helping others to reach their full potential.

Jake is married and has three incredible children.

Worship 24/7 | Every Song, Every Word, Is Worship 247

board member

Kaytie Fiedler

“To travel the world and encourage people.”, is Kaytie’s life mission. As the President and Owner of Epic Events Global, Kaytie has been producing large scale corporate meetings and events since 2008, traveling the world using her organizational and event production skills for Fortune 500 companies.

Kaytie has a passion for serving hurting people in developing countries who need to know the love of God. She currently is serving as the Executive Director for Open Arms International, a Kenya based ministry serving vulnerable children, and has organized and led multiple service teams to India, Africa and the Middle East.

She chose to serve on the Worship 24/7 board because the ministry is spiritually encouraging people everywhere, without having to go anywhere!


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