Director of Program Execution

Our Vision
A community of people who worship God passionately
and take that experience into a broken world.

Mission Statement
To Ignite a Passion for God Through Worship …
that leads to a life of discipleship, evangelism, generosity, and service to the poor.

As a ministry, our vision and mission must drive everything, and the Director of Program Execution is a critically important role toward the accomplishment of both the vision and mission of Worship 24/7. We are looking for someone with the technical skills of a programming radio professional, but someone who is saturated with a “Kingdom First” mentality that has very little interest in using radio as an entertainment vehicle. Rather, the person we are looking for is driven and motivated by using radio as a platform to clearly lift up Jesus so that every listener is drawn closer to Him. With a true sense of urgency, our work should reflect the overwhelming love of God, personified in Jesus, and clearly presented to a broken world. Simply put, people need Jesus and eternity is at stake.

If you are a champion of getting things checked off your task list… if you are self-motivated… if details matter… and if you believe Worship 24/7 can be more than just another format, we’d love to know more about you and your qualifications. However, before you officially apply, listen for two days and if you find yourself saying “This is really different and I love it!” then you just might be the person we’re looking for to join our growing organization on the ground level.  We look forward to seeing how God leads this process forward!