Rebecca McLaughlin – Finding Hope In Jesus

Author Rebecca McLaughlin teaches on how the apostle Peter offers hope to those feeling hopeless in today’s world, by reminding us of our living hope—Jesus Christ.

McLaughlin explains that hope in Christ always runs to Jesus, breeds holiness, requires ransom, and springs eternal. She emphasizes the importance of setting our hope fully on the grace that will come at the revelation of Jesus, not on earthly things like career, marriage, or children.

By fixing our eyes on Jesus and hoping in Him alone, we can live an increasingly obedient life. McLaughlin reminds us that without Jesus, all life is meaningless. In Christ, we have hope and a purpose.

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Francis Chan – Is Jesus Your Lord?

In the New Testament, Jesus is referred to as “Lord” over 700 times. But even though that term is used so frequently in scripture, do we truly understand the impact of that name? Francis explains the foundational reality of what it means for Jesus to truly be our Lord – and why we should want Him to be our King.

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Kelly Minter: Do What He Asks

In the process of meeting your needs, Jesus often asks you to do something. A miracle may still be needed, but right now you must do what He asks. In her message, “Do What He Asks” author and speaker, Kelly Minter, show us through John 2:1-11 that our needs are often met as we do what Jesus asks us to do.

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Robert Morris – I’ll Arrange It

What we believe about God affects how we live, how we view ourselves and others, and even how we respond to trials we face in life. Our beliefs about God also affect our relationship with Him. It’s important to have a healthy view of God—one that is based not on our feelings or opinion but on the truth of His Word. Pastor Robert Morris shares a message titled “I’ll Arrange It,” where he speaks on how God is fully merciful and fully just at the same time.

From Gateway Church in Dallas, TX – September 14, 2019.

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Barry Corey – More Than a Platitude

Dr. Barry Corey, President of Biola University in Southern California, shares a chapel message based on John 3:1-17. What did Jesus have in mind when he met with this come-by-night Pharisee and religious teacher named Nicodemus? How, in this passage, do the words of Jesus call us to the simplicity of the truth we need to hear and to grasp; that God loves us, he so, so loves us.

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Lisa Harper – A Savior Who Stoops

Lisa Harper shares an incredible word about Jesus being the savior who stoops to meet us in our problems and provides the way through. Our prayer is your faith is strengthened as you see your Redeemer is a present help in times of trouble.

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