What is the Identity Project?

Do you know who you REALLY are to God?  Do you struggle to see all your strengths and weaknesses and how you are "wonderfully made?"  God made no mistakes in creating you.  You are who you are because He has a special purpose for you to build His kingdom in a way that only YOU can.  With this 13 week self-paced course, you'll have the opportunity to learn more about what makes you unique, and how you fit into the big picture of the Body of Christ.

Click the button below to sign up for The Identity Project at a special rate just for Worship 24/7 listeners - $99 (a 50% discount)!

Why We Partnered With The Identity Project

As a radio ministry focused on worship - why are we partnering with The Identity Project?  Our mission is "to ignite a passion for God through worship, that results in a life of generosity, discipleship, evangelism and service."

We hope that connecting to God through worship leads to all these things, and The Identity Project is a way to strengthen a life of Discipleship, so that together we can grow stronger in our faith and truly bring God's Kingdom to earth in our communities.

About Kingdom Living

Started by Pastor George LaDu, Kingdom Living is a ministry that believes our faith should lead to an incredibly abundant life in Jesus!  With interactive courses, group or 1:1 coaching, we can learn who God made us to be, embrace our true identity, and better understand our purpose.